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Best Defy Stain for Docks

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Best Defy Stain for Docks

Docks take a lot of abuse, as do the weather resistant stains that protect them. Constant moisture can take its toll on most any weatherproof stain. Finding a quality stain that protects exterior wood in such a moist environment is vital to a dock’s longevity. The best Defy Stain for docks is Defy Marine Stain. It is fitting for use on all types of wood docks and piers and will provide extreme protection against the damaging effects of both fresh and salt water.

Defy Marine Seal and Stain is a uniquely blended formula of nanoparticle technology and synthetic resins to defend against UV color fade, mold, and mildew. This one of a kind technology acts like a sunscreen reflecting the sun’s harmful rays and locking out moisture. Its resistance to mold and mildew growth are also a key factor in standing up against such wet conditions.

The environmentally safe water-based blend of Defy Marine Stain is perfect for working around water and marinas. It is a low 250 VOC formula that dries quickly to provide immediate protection for all wood types. All wood surfaces should be cleaned and prepped prior to staining to ensure you get maximum performance from Defy Marine Seal. Defy Marine Seal should not be applied over paint or old stains. These should be removed using a wood stripper prior to application.

Applying two coats “wet on wet” is recommended for optimal protection. The cloudy or milky appearance of Defy Marine will dry to a beautiful finish that will enhance the wood’s natural beauty. New wood surfaces should be allowed to season prior to cleaning and staining. Composite or hardwoods should weather for no less than 12 months and only receive one coat of Defy Marine Stain. The best Defy Stain for Docks is surely Defy Marine Seal but it can also be used to protect other wood surfaces near water like fences, wooden seawalls, pontoon floors, pylons, and wooden bridges.

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