Defy Wood Deck Stains

Step 1 Deck Cleaning

by opwdecks

Last Updated on February 4, 2023 by Defy Help

Defy Wood Cleane 4963bd92e99ebjpgNew or Gray looking Decks/Wood

When cleaning Wood or Decks, use the Defy Wood Deck Cleaner. This will open the pores and remove any graying and or dirt. This is important even for new wood. New wood has a mill glaze that should be removed prior to any stain application. For removal of old coatings see Defy Wood Stain Stripper.

  1. Wet deck down thoroughly with water. Take extra care to pre-rinse vegetation.
  2. Apply Defy Wood Deck Cleaner following manufacturer’s directions. Most cleaners can be applied with a pump-up sprayer. The cleaner should dwell on the wood for 5-15 minutes. Makes sure that you mist the deck with water if it starts to dry. Use protective clothing, glasses, and gloves.
  3. Pressure Wash or Hand Scrub the wood to remove dirt, graying, mold, mildew. If there is a previous coating and it starts to come off unevenly, then you may want to consider using the Defy Wood Stain Stripper. This will ensure a more even appearance when stained.
  4. When done washing, take your time to rinse all wood, home, vegetation, etc to remove the cleaner residue, grime, and wood fibers.
  5. Use a Defy Wood Deck Brightener to “brighten” the wood and neutralize the cleaner back to the proper pH balance for the wood. This should dwell on the wood for 5-15 minutes. Once done make sure to rinse the wood, home, vegetation, etc.
  6. Wood should dry for 48 hours prior to a Defy Stain application.
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2 years ago

my treated deck has been power washed, do i need to use wood cleaner or just the brightener before staining?

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2 years ago
Reply to  alan


11 years ago

Recently bought a house with a new deck on it it (2yrs old)with pressure treated wood. It has not been stained or treated with anything yet. I was reading your product line, do i need to clean the deck first with your deck cleaner before i apply the stain for best results. Thanks in advance.

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