Defy Wood Deck Stains

Defy Stain Review and Ratings

Ratings and reviews for Defy Wood Decking Stains Paver Sealer, and Concrete Water Repellents. Please post a comment below about your experience with any of these Defy Products:

  • Defy Extreme Stain
  • Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain
  • Defy Stain for Hardwood and Cedar
  • Defy Wood Cleaner
  • Defy Wood Brightener
  • Defy Stain Stripper
  • Masonry Saver Brick Water Repellent
  • Masonry Saver Heavy Duty Water Repellent
  • Masonry Saver Paver Sealer
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Avatar photo
4 years ago

I bought defy stain extreme for my IPE deck; we live in Canada so the weather is harsh on the wood mostly during the winter. I can’t express how wonderful the product made the wood come back to the original condition; my deck looks amazing. Now that we started to get snow, it seems as if it repels it!
It was very easy to apply (is almost “like water”) and it dried very fast. It was a little bit pricy but I’m extremely satisfied. Totally worth it.

Avatar photo
10 years ago

I ask for how many hours must pass after finishing the staining before it gets sun. Is an hour or two okay or must it be fully cloudy out to apply the stain?

Avatar photo
10 years ago

How long must the freshly applied extreme stain be not exposed to full sun?

Avatar photo
11 years ago

Just ordered Defy semi Transparent Lite Walnut for an old deck that I power washed and sanded. I appreciate any tips you may have from prior experience. I ordered the free video.
Thanks, Steve

12 years ago

I am confused- reviewing your website and videos, one person asked about “re-doing” their chairs in the future and you stated to use the cleaner then the brightener but after watching the video on Maintenance, it was stated to just use the Brightener and then add your 1 coat of stain.

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