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Cleanup Defy Stain Tips

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2024 Update on Cleanup Defy Stain Tips

We love hearing from our customers who have used the Defy Stains or have questions. We appreciate your input, so feel free to leave a comment below and pictures of your completed projects if you have them.

How To Cleanup Defy From Brushes and Spills

After a wood-staining project using any of the Defy stains, it is necessary to clean any equipment or tools that were used. Defy stains are water-based so they clean up easily with soap and water.

After staining is finished, dump any remaining stain back into the container and seal it properly. A properly sealed can of Defy Stain will last up to a year or more. Find a safe clean area for cleaning up all your tools, brushes, etc. A large industrial sink or garden hose works fine. Make a solution of water and soap. Dish soap is adequate and warm water works better than cold but is not necessary.

Use an empty bucket, sink, or container for your soap solution. Place any brushes, stain pads, rollers, or other tools you want to save into the soapy water solution. Work the tools around in the solution until they are free of stain. Rinse them off with fresh water and place them to the side to air dry.

If you used a garden type pump sprayer or airless sprayer, mix a fresh solution of soap and water. Pour the mix into the pump sprayer or place the nozzle of the airless sprayer into the soapy water. Operate the sprayer like you normally would until clean soapy water is coming out the end of the spray nozzle.

Be sure to place any stained contaminated water solution in a safe container with a lid and dispose of it properly. Water-based stain is treated as hazardous in only a few states – Minnesota, California, and Washington but is still generally accepted at hazardous waste facilities. In some areas, water-based paints and stains can also be placed in a safe container and taken to the recycling facility to be recycled into products like cement. Check within your local area for disposal instructions.

Using Defy Wood Stains not only adds beauty and protection to your wood surfaces, but it is also easy to clean up using soap and water and much safer to handle and dispose of than oil-based stains.

If You Need any Help with cleaning up after using Defy Stains, Please Ask Below!

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2 years ago

How properly dispose of unused wood brightened?

3 years ago

The stain was put on too thick in places. Now it is dry and there are sticky discolored spots where the product puddled. How can I fix this?

4 years ago

Spots on skin.
How to remove.

Rita Sokolow
Rita Sokolow
7 years ago

How do I remove dried defy extreme stain from extraneous surfaces i.e. splashes on surrounding items.

9 years ago

Any suggestions for getting Defy Extreme spots off of vinyl siding? The taped-off plastic did not cover enough of the house on one end of the deck. Some overzealous brush strokes appears to have sprayed a little on my siding. Any advice?

9 years ago
Reply to  zjw

Try a water based graffiti remover from your local HD or Lowes. Do a test spot first.

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