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Step 3 Wood Deck Brightening

by opwdecks

Last Updated on February 4, 2023 by Defy Help

Defy_Exterior_Wo_4963c156e6e8a.jpgBrightening Decks/Wood after Cleaning

When brightening Wood or Decks, use the Defy Wood Brightener. This is extremely important after cleaning or stripping the wood. Not only will this “brighten” the wood, it will also neutralize the cleaner/stripper, ensuring that your deck stain will perform properly.

  1. Apply immediately after cleaning/stripping the wood. Do not allow the wood to dry! Take extra care to pre-rinse vegetation.
  2. Apply Defy Wood Brightener following manufacturer’s directions. The brightener should dwell on the wood for 5-15 minutes. Makes sure that you mist the deck with water if it starts to dry. Use protective clothing, glasses, and gloves.
  3. When done, take your time to rinse the wood,  home, vegetation, cleaner residue, grime, and wood fibers.
  4. Wood should dry for 48 hours prior to a Defy Stain application.

*Make sure that you follow all manufacturer’s instructions

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