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Best Defy Stain for Log Cabins

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Best Defy Stain for Log Cabins is Defy Extreme Stain

There is no denying that a log cabin is one of the most beautiful structures you could choose to live in. The natural look of the logs blend into most landscapes and is a true statement of pride and pleasure. Maintaining a log cabin can however be quit overwhelming. It certainly is not for everybody. But for those who choose to live in the surroundings of a beautiful log cabin, maintenance is just part of it. To protect the logs from weather damage it is necessary to clean and stain them periodically. The stain will help block out sun and water damage to preserve the logs for many years.

The best Defy Stain for log cabins is Defy Extreme. Defy Extreme Stain is best used on all vertical exterior surfaces and works extremely well for staining log cabins. The specifically blended nanoparticles and high-grade synthetic resins work together to act like a sunscreen blocking out harmful UV rays. This helps eliminate wood fading, discoloring and unsightly graying. This technology is a first in the stain industry and has never been seen in a tinted wood finish.

Defy Extreme also helps prevent mold and mildew, which can be devastating to a log cabin. Wood rot can occur from constant water and moisture penetration leading to structural damage. Defy Extreme locks out moisture eliminating an environment prone to mold, mildew and algae. The semi-transparent water based finish also improves color and enhances the natural beauty of any log cabin. In a leading competitor comparison an accelerated weather test was performed and showed Defy Extreme Stain’s light reflecting technology to outlast and outperform four of the best selling national brands.

The easy to apply Defy Extreme is VOC compliant and can be shipped to all 50 states. The water-based formula cleans up easily with water with no worry of using harsh chemicals like with oil-based formulas. Defy Extreme Stain will perform best when applied to a clean dry surface. It requires two coats applied wet on wet for the best coverage, which averages 100-150 square feet per gallon of stain. Dry time for Defy Extreme is better than most stains at only 2-4 hours. Protect and enhance the beauty of your log cabin with Defy Stain’s best log cabin stain.

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7 years ago

old house wood siding want to remove the old paint and stain it how long will your stain last on the siding? paint now a days does not last like it used to john runyon

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