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Deck Sealer, Deck Stain, Water Based, Oil Based – What’s the Difference?

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Why use Defy Extreme Water Based Deck Stains?

Protecting a wood deck from the elements is a necessity in prolonging the life of the wood. An unprotected deck will deteriorate quickly from harsh UV rays and unwanted moisture. To protect and preserve a deck it’s important to maintain it with some type of protective coating. These coatings can vary greatly and may be confusing to some. Wood preservatives can range from deck sealer and deck stain to water based and oil based. So what’s the difference?

Deck sealers usually refer to the coatings that are clear or transparent with no added tint or color. These can be oil or water based. Although they provide adequate moisture protection, they do not protect against harsh UV rays because they are lacking pigment. Deck stains are the tinted, toned, or colored stains. They can be either water or oil based in nature. They can also range from solid to semi-transparent. Unlike clear sealers, deck stains will provide UV protection as well as protection from water damage. The more pigment in the deck stain the more UV protection it will provide. Deck stains are available in a wide variety of colors.

Oil based stains are typically the penetrating line of stains. Oil based stains dive into the wood pores to give adequate protection. These stains are fairly easy to maintain because as they begin to fail with time they simply fade and wear away. However, oil based stains are not very eco-friendly. Some cannot be shipped to certain states due to VOC laws. They are also more prone to mold and mildew than water based stains. They are more on the expensive side and they require mineral spirits for cleanup.

Defy water based stains are extremely environmentally friendly. They are more mold and mildew resistant. Water based stains are durable and dry quicker than oil based. They cleanup with soap and water, are user-friendly, or more affordable, and provide a long lasting beautiful finish.

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Theresa Minks
Theresa Minks
4 years ago

we are using treated wood to r

eplace the old deck can I use the water base stain or do you recommend something else?

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