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Defy Best Water Based Deck Stain

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Defy Extreme Dock Stain

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Best Water Based Deck Stain

In looking for the best water based deck stain it is always paramount to find a trusted and reputable brand that has stood the test of time. Ideally the best water based deck stain would be Eco-Friendly, easy to apply, and have proven lasting results when it comes to superior wood protection.


Defy Extreme Dock StainDefy water based deck stains are an industry leader when it comes to exterior water based wood stains. Defy deck stains meet the Green Performance Standards of The Master Painter’s Institute (MPI). The standards today address ecofriendliness with optimal performance.

Defy water based deck stains come in clear or a wide variety of wood tones and colors. From Defy original stain to the nano-technology used in Defy Extreme, all the Defy products will enhance the natural beauty of the wood’s surface and give lasting protection from the elements.

Defy’s line of waterbourne stains give wood surfaces superior UV resistance by blocking out the harmful sun rays. They are resistant to mold and mildew which causes wood rot and decay. Defy stains do not flake or peel like other water based deck stains and are very user friendly. Best of all the Defy water based deck stains clean up easily with soap and water.

Whether your deck or wood surface being stained is pressure treated pine, cedar, redwood, mahogany, or hardwood, Defy makes a wood stain that will give you great results for lasting beauty and protection. Defy the elements with any of the trusted products of water based Defy deck stains and get the results you expect from an exterior wood stain. See why Defy is the industries best water based deck stain today.

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Jim Porter
Jim Porter
9 years ago

Recommended maintenance for KDAT and process when re-coat is required. Thanks, jim

Avatar photo
10 years ago

I don’t want to strip my deck. I have applied clearer and powerwashed the deck and about 90% of the old stain. Can I apply Defy at this point or will the prior oil stain interfere with the results of the Defy?

10 years ago

I’ve been studying stains for so long that my head is spinning. I have narrowed it down to Defy and have ordered the samples. What is the difference between extreme and epoxy? Why are you offering a rebate on extreme but not epoxy?

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