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Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain Tips

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Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood and Deck Stain is designed to properly protect exterior wood from exposure to ultraviolet radiation, rain, snow, mold, and algae. The Epoxy stain is designed for all wood types but works especially well for pressure treated pine wood. Containing an Epoxy Resin, this stain will penetrate deep into your wood and “fortify” the wood’s exposure to the elements. The epoxy resins hardens just below the surface of the wood, creating an excellent bond in the wood’s cellular structure. Defy Epoxy is not a filming system like a garage floor epoxy. This is a high performance penetrating wood finish that highlights the natural grain of your wood.

Defy Epoxy is an excellent choice for your exterior wood. As with many stains, the key to a stain’s longevity is proper preparation, application and future maintenance.

How To Prep Wood for Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain

All wood, even new wood needs to be properly prepped prior to apply a stain. Defy Epoxy will perform at it’s maximum potential when the wood has a high absorption rate. To get the stain to absorb into the wood the wood should be cleaned and brightened and in some cases, stripped to remove a previous coating that has failed.

Cleaning the wood with the Defy Wood Cleaner will prep the surface by removing graying, dirt, and grime. When the substrate of the wood is free of contaminants, the Defy Epoxy ill be able to adhere to the wood cells and the overall appearance will be substantially improved.

Stripping of an old stain should be done when an old coating has peeled or failed by wearing unevenly. Once again, a surface that is free of any surface coatings will allow the Defy Epoxy to penetrate. Defy Stain Stripper.

All wood that has been cleaned or stripped should have the Defy Wood Brightener applied. This will neutralize the caustic of the cleaner or stripper, allowing your wood to lighten in color. The Defy Epoxy Stain will perform better when the wood’s pH balance has been neutralized with the brightener.

How To Apply Defy Epoxy Stain

Defy Epoxy is to be applied at roughly 150 square feet per gallon. For wood that is older then 1 year we strongly suggest a “wet on wet” application. This means you should apply the second coat of stain roughly 20-120 minutes after the first coat. For example, you would apply all of the stain to the flooring of your deck, stop and wait about 20 minutes to reapply the stain. It is okay to step on your first coat but be careful of stepping in your second coat. The second coat should be applied to all horizontal surfaces. Verticals do not heed a second coat unless the wood is extremely porous.

Best tools to apply are stains pads and brushes. You can apply the Epoxy stain with a sprayer but you will need to make sure and back brush to ensure an even and properly applied application.

We prefer to apply the Defy Epoxy with a stain pad applicator. This allows you to “push” the stain into the wood. Remember that the Epoxy is a penetrating finish, the better it gets into the wood, the longer the life of the stain.

Note: Do not over apply! Too much stain will result in premature failure.

How To Maintain Defy Epoxy Wood Stain in the Future

The Defy Epoxy can be easily maintained in the future by lightly cleaning and brightening the wood. The key is to reapply prior to stain failure and while the current coating is still sound. This typically is somewhere between 18-36 months. If you let the stain go to complete failure (uneven wearing) then you will need to strip and remove.

The Defy Epoxy Stain will protect and enhance your wood but the key to it’s longevity is proper prepping, application and maintenance. When all are accomplished, your deck and the Defy Epoxy will perform properly and with professional results!

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