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Defy Epoxy Stain Reviews

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epoxycansmpiDefy Epoxy Fortified Stain Reviews and Ratings for Consumers who have used the stain.

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Fortified with Deep Penetrating Epoxy Resins, Defy Epoxy Wood Stain preserves and protects exterior wood in many ways. UV protection from graying. Shedding of water to minimize rot and decay. Deep penetrating formula for maximum durability.

Defy Epoxy Fortified Formula:

  • Penetrating Epoxy Resins
  • Non-filming for easier reapplication
  • Water-Based cleanup with soap and water
  • Eco-Friendly and VOC Compliant

Coverage Rates:
Defy Epoxy Wood Stain highlights the natural grain in 3 different tints. It is currently offered in 1 or 5 gallon containers. Coverage rates vary from 100-150 square feet per gallon based on wood texture, age and porosity.

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Please Include:

  • Ease of Application for Defy Epoxy
  • Durability of the Defy Epoxy after 2 years
  • Overall Appearance when stained
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