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Defy Extreme Stain Reviews

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Defy Extreme Stain Reviews

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Defy Extreme Stain ReviewsDefy Extreme Stain Reviews and Ratings for Consumers who have used the stain.

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Defy Extreme Stain makes use of Nano Particles, like in a sunscreen, and the latest technology in synthetic resins. Blended together, these particles and resins reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays providing protection like never before. Protection like this with a tinted wood finish is an industry first.

Defy Extreme Wood Stain is best suited for both smooth and rough textured exterior wood surfaces such as decking, fencing, wood siding, outdoor furniture and other hardwood wooden surfaces.


Defy Extreme Wood Stain Reviews:

  • Synthetic Resins and Nano Particles block out damaging UV rays and prevent graying
  • Formulated to prevent mold and mildew
  • Semi-transparent finish enhances wood color and preserves wood
  • Repels water and eliminates moisture absorption
  • Water-Based formula easily cleans up with soap and water
  • Low VOC formula is Eco-Friendly
  • Professional protection that outperforms other tinted wood stains

Nano Particles are very similar to sunscreen. When these particles are spread over a rate of more than 30 trillion parts per square inch, they reflect sun rays and give the benefit of UV protection like never before seen in a tinted wood finish.

Please write a review of your experience with Defy Extreme Stain or ask a question in the comment area below.

Please Include:

  • Ease of Application for Defy Extreme
  • Durability of the Defy Extreme after 2 years
  • Overall Appearance when stained
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Bill Ray
Bill Ray
10 years ago

Defy Extreme is without a doubt the best stain I have ever used.
I applied Extreme 3 years ago, thinking I would need to re-coat this year. My deck still looks GREAT! Thank you Defy Stain.

Boyce Rensberger
Boyce Rensberger
11 years ago

I just applied the wood stain to some cedar Adirondack chairs that I made about ten years ago and have left in the weather ever since. The chairs had no surface treatment when I made them. I relied on cedar to resist decay. They did that quite well, but they couldn’t stop algae and lichens from growing on them.

I scrubbed the wood with water and a basic wood cleaner with a stiff brush. After drying overnight, the chairs looked much cleaner but still gray and incredibly porous. Today I applied Defy Extreme with a brush. The stuff went on very easily, and the wood clearly soaked it up. There’s no annoying smell, and cleanup is with soap and water.

When I finished, the wood looked a bit blotchy. I worried that I had put on too much in some places and not enough in others. But within hours the surfaces evened out and dried to a rather handsome brownish gray.

I am very pleased. I can’t testify to how long the appearance will last, but my outdoor furniture looks great for the first time in years. Tomorrow I’m starting on the picnic table.

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