Defy Wood Deck Stains

Defy Stain Before and After Pictures

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Defy Extreme Fence

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Defy Exterior Wood and Deck Restoration Photos

We would love for our customers to post some pictures that are finished with the Defy Extreme, Defy Hardwood, Defy Marine and Defy Original Wood Stains. Please include a short description and the Defy product(s) used to prep the wood and to stain the wood using our comment feature at the bottom. There is a link to upload photos in the bottom right corner of the comment area.

Defy Extreme FenceWe look forward to seeing your newly restored Defy stained deck!

Please include:

Location of Project (City/State):

Defy Stain Used:

Prepping Method and Products:

The color of Stain:

The number of Coats Applied:

Wood Type and Age:

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Charles Dolph
Charles Dolph
3 years ago

I have a treated wood deck that is about 2 years old. We stained it last year with a solid wood stain and it has started to peel in places. If I use your product would I just use your cleaner and follow the directions, or do I need to physically remove all the old stain first?

Lisa T
Lisa T
5 years ago

More pics from Lisa T

Lisa T
Lisa T
5 years ago

Ours is a large deck, 12’ wide by 75’ long. It was installed approximately 13 years ago. I had sealed it with a well known brand sealer once. The wood was looking old and dried out, but structurally in great shape. We live in coastal VA, and the sun is intense. This is our deck before and after, using Pine. I personally would have preferred light walnut, but was overruled. In our wood, the pine appears yellowish in direct sunlight. It sill looks 1000% better, so I’m happy. I followed all of the directions and application was straightforward.
I am anxious to see how this weathers in our location. All in all I am very happy with Defy!

6 years ago

Replaced 120 ft. decking above seawall in 2016 with pretreated wood. Since wood was new, waited 1 yr before staining with Defy Extreme Semi-Transparent Natural Pine. Prep entailed a LIGHT power wash. Extremely satisfied (no pun intended) with the product. Best stain used in my 23yrs owning a waterfront home. Also used Extreme on a side porch and secondary deck.

6 years ago
Reply to  Christine

After picture

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