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How Long Do Defy Stains Last?

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How long a stain will last depends on many factors. Climate, weather, sun exposure, moisture and foot traffic are just a few. Stain longevity is also highly affected by proper wood prepping. Before applying any deck stain the wood should be cleaned and prepped correctly prior. This will aid in the performance and longevity of the deck stain. On average most deck stains last a year or two.

Another huge factor determining how long a stain will last is the stain quality. A stain like Defy that penetrates extremely well will stand the test of time better than a non-penetrating or film forming stain. Defy deck stain uses an exclusive technology of zinc oxide nanoparticles combined with synthetic resins that reflect harmful sun rays like no other water based stain on the market. This innovative high performance deck stain showed very little UV fading after 2 years on vertical surfaces. Good color retention was also noted on horizontal surfaces such as deck flooring and handrails.

The unique blend of sun reflecting nanoparticles seem to provide optimal shielding from UV rays that will normally fade and gray out unprotected wood. For a semi-transparent water based stain, Defy dives deep into the wood pores similar to an oil-based stain. After 2 years, tests showed very little wear was noticeable mostly around knots but the stain was in good shape overall.

So how long does Defy last? Well on average you can expect to get 2-3 years of protection on horizontal surfaces and anywhere from 3-5 and possibly more on vertical surfaces. But like previously mentioned climate, sun exposure, foot traffic and son on will be the determining factor. Defy stains are however easy to maintain, so lasting protection and ongoing beauty can last for many years if maintained properly. It is recommend allowing brand new wood to “season” for at least 3 months or more prior to cleaning and staining with Defy stains. The stain will penetrate and provide better overall protection.

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