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New Defy Stain Colors!

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Defy Extreme Wood Stain – Now Available in Three New Colors

Since it’s launch in 2008, Defy Extreme Wood Stain continues to grow in popularity.  As such, we will be expanding the offering to include three new colors…Redwood, Driftwood Gray and Butternut.  The Redwood and Driftwood Gray colors will be a color match to the same colors that have been offered in the past in the Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain line.  Butternut is a much darker brown than anything that we currently have available.  Darker browns continue to grow in popularity and this addition is a direct result of that trend.


The following items will be discontinued for 2013:

Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain: Redwood & Driftwood Gray

With the growing popularity of Defy Extreme Wood Stain, the movement of some colors in the Defy Epoxy Fortified Wood Stain have slowed down considerably and will be discontinued.  Redwood and Driftwood Gray will be discontinued and no longer available effective immediately.  For those customers who have used these in the past, they can now use Defy Extreme Wood Stain in their place.  Defy Extreme colors will match their Epoxy counterparts while offering improved durability.

Defy UV Resistant Clear Wood Finish

The popularity of Defy Extreme Crystal Clear has also grown dramatically, and, in turn, significantly reduced sale for the Defy UV Resistant Clear Wood Finish.  As such, it will be discontinued as well.  Again, as with the colors, for customers who have used the UV Resistant Clear Wood Finish in the past, they can now use Defy Extreme Crystal Clear and expect the same crystal clear finish as the UV Resistant Clear provided with improved UV resistance and durability.  The products are completely compatible with one another.

Defy Original Synthetic Wood Stain

These colors in the Defy Orginial will be discontinued, High Country Aspen, Sierra Silver, Alpine Fir and Clear.


From the Desk of Dave Barnes,

VP of Sales at SaverSystems, Inc.

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John schauerte
John schauerte
5 years ago

The deck I am staining is next to a canal, lots of moisture, plenty of sun, and since this is Michigan we get snow and ice. What do you recommend??

Where do I buy your product my zip code is 48001

Avatar photo
5 years ago
Reply to  John schauerte

Best would be the Defy Extreme Stain. You can but products are our location:

2388 Franklin Rd
Bloomfield Hills, Mi 48302

John Schauerte
John Schauerte
5 years ago

Do you have a brown stain, like chocolate brown

Avatar photo
5 years ago
Reply to  John Schauerte

Butternut is a brown color.

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