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Why Defy Water Based Stains Are Better

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Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Defy Help

2024 Update on Why Defy Water-Based Stains Are Better

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In recent years water-based stains have advanced far beyond their predecessors. It used to be that oil-based stains were the go-to stain formula for all types of exterior wood projects. Oil-based stains have had their place in the market, in fact, they have been around longer than any other type of stain. However, the latest water-based stain technology has something to say about that. Many support the claim that water-based stains are better and here’s why.

Although oil stains do a fairly decent job of providing weather protection they are far from being environmentally friendly. There is no way to make them as eco-safe as water-based stains are. There are some states that have banned the sale and use of oil-based stains completely because they are not VOC compliant. This is just one reason why water-based stains are better but it does not stop there.

With oil-based stains being prone to mold and mildew one could make the argument that water-based stains probably are too, but in fact, they are not. Water-based stains that contain zinc (a natural mildewcide) are resistant to fungal growth making them better than oil-based stains in that sense. Why is this important? Fungal growth like mold and mildew can infiltrate stain that is prone like oil-based stains causing wood rot and decay. So while one might think their deck is protected from the elements with an oil-based stain, it can actually be rotting underneath the stain without even realizing it. Fungal growth will also discolor the look of the wood giving an unsightly darkened appearance.

The technology of a leading water-based stain like Defy Extreme for example is a breakthrough in the industry. Using a nano-technology combined with high-grade resins, this water-based stain acts like a sunscreen reflecting harmful UV rays while also providing protection from water intrusion. This amazing technology improves stain performance by up to 600% making it more durable than most tinted wood finishes. Water-based stains are better due to this recent technology, by being green friendly, easy to use, and providing a long-lasting beautiful finish compared to many oil-based stains.

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